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heyday books !

30% off entire inventory through the month of April with the code "shelter". Visit the online store, here. "Our literary landscape [is] littered with casualties....[Heyday is] one plucky Bay Area publisher [that] not only still stands but continues to innovate." —San Francisco Chronicle "Any accurate inventory of California's cultural treasures would have to include Heyday, […]

Posted: April 26 2020
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a mushroom with a story

A journey through the underworld of life and capitalism to find inspiration in precarious places.

Posted: April 7 2017
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the true story of a farm turned cult

Greenhorns contributor Helen Zuman has a wild story to tell.

Posted: March 15 2017
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erotic farm fiction

A little preview of Artemisia Rae's farmer life inspired, erotic romance novel.

Posted: February 3 2017
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ballymoe litfest, ireland, may 19-21

Festival of food and drink takes place in Ballymoe, Ireland this coming May.

Posted: January 25 2017
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last minute gift idea for the environmental troubadours in your life

Learn more and buy the book here!

Posted: December 23 2016
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sweet herbal remedy book and GH almanac release party, brooklyn, dec. 10!

Dec 10th Book Release Party: Nature’s Remedies & New Farmers Almanac Calling all fellow Greenhorns, plant lovers, and herb nerds!  It’s Jean Willoughby here, and I can easily be described by all three of those lovely, earthbound designations. I hope you’ll join me and an amazing group of folks at the Third Root Community Health Center, a […]

Posted: December 9 2016
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color au natural

I know there are some serious DYIers in the audience-- and I bet that if I were to draw a ven diagram with DIY folks in one circle and who would rather walk around naked than put chemical dyes close to their skin, those two circles might just have some overlap... Those in this middle area of […]

Posted: August 2 2016
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"the farmer's office"

Are you feeling cool, calm, collected? If not, try reading Julia Shenk’s “ The Farmers Office: Tools tips and templates to successfully manage a growing farm business”. Comprehensive, logical, holistic and witty— she lays out the steps and frameworks for a solvent and sustainable farm business. She’s got the chops, and she’s witty. Thats already […]

Posted: July 29 2016
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techno-utopia reading list!

Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures: Cold Evil: Technology and Modern Ethics by Andrew Kimbrell Buddhist Technology: Bringing a New Consciousness to Our Technological Future by Arthur Zajonc The Community's Role in Appropriate Technology by George McRobie Books: New Dimensions of Appropriate Technology: Selected Proceedings of the 1979 Symposium by Alfred L. Edwards Appropriate Technology and Social Values: A Critical […]

Posted: October 23 2014
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conspicuous carnivores

In this week's New Yorker, Bill Buford delivers, with his usual finger-licking enthusiasm, a digest of three new books about meat. Though varying in tones of hopeful agrarianism, tongue-in-cheek indulgence, and gritty slaughterhouse realism, these authors (each in his early 40s) all nod to a Greenhorns ethos: you and your butcher should be on a […]

Posted: November 30 2007