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forget the champagne this NYE: we found lost apple cider

[vimeo 147721444 w=640 h=360] Shacksbury Orchard out of Vergennes, VT is collecting  lost apple varieties and creating remarkably distinctive hard ciders from them. In the best thing since Rodolph came to the Island of Misfit Toys, the orchardists have grafted a Lost Orchard, propagating 12 carefully selected wild and heirloom apple varieties to over 1000 trees. […]

Posted: December 27 2016
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get your balkan on, saturday, staatsburg, ny

Posted: May 17 2016
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for you apple nerds out there: a malus sieversii database

Widespread Malus has compiled data on the USDA collection of Malus sieversii (Central Asia- genetic homeland of apples) that might be useful in selecting accessions (scions or budwood) to request from USDA. We are collecting a ‘core diversity collection’ from the USDA collection that is especially diverse. Our goals are to make this diversity available […]

Posted: December 4 2015
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future farmers going strong!

Here at the Greenhorns love art and we love farmıng and we love creative subversive people, and so you might imagine that we really love creative subversive art about farming. We've blogged about these guys a few times before, and we are delighted to remind you that they're still creating great art all the time. The above […]

Posted: June 27 2015
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hard cider revival

Tickets for the tasting are $15 and can be purchased online at OR by calling 207-338-6575. Ticket holders receive 10 3oz pours, and must be 21 years of age to enter the event. And find more information here.

Posted: May 27 2015
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abandoned orchard revival! a cooperative venture

[vimeo] Though this video is set in Germany, the same situations exist across North America. Learning how to care for these old trees is not only a valuable skill that will give these trees a new lease on life, but one that will allow you to harvest the results for many years to come. […]

Posted: October 16 2014
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alert! china wants the usa to import their apples

Nothing about the proposed lifting of this [no apples from China] regulation is good for American fruit growers or consumers. Aside from reducing the already meager profit margins of the fruit farmer by the addition of a new (HUGE) apple supplier, the importation of Chinese apples opens up the possibility of introducing foreign pest and […]

Posted: July 19 2014
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kyrgyzstan bans all gmo products and gm crops!

The Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan's recent vote to ban all gmo products and gm crops is important. Why? It is estimated that 90% of all temperate fruit in the WORLD genetically comes from this region. With food forests dotting the mountainous countrysides of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, it is the Eden of the world, brandishing […]

Posted: June 13 2014
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the permaculture orchard: beyond organic is available for download on june 1st!

    Click here to download this video on June 1st! The orchard can be a magical place; endless acres of peaches, pears, or apples in gorgeous bloom by the roadside, producing delicious fruit. But an orchard, by definition, is a monocultural crop - nothing but one type of fruit tree that requires a lot […]

Posted: May 30 2014
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where are the cider apples?

Do any of you annual farmers ever get tired of bending over all day and dream of growing food whilst standing? There is a solution- you can grow food (and drink) on trees! The US is currently witnessing a booming growth in hard cider production that shows no chance of slowing anytime soon. The demand for cider […]

Posted: May 2 2014