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new research identifies cold weather strategies to avoid respiratory illness in calves

  As winter approaches, research funded by the farmer-driven Northern New York Agricultural Development Program has identified cold weather strategies for attention by regional dairy calf managers. “Winter weather poses a natural challenge to raising young animals. Respiratory illness in calves can negatively impact weight gain, age at their first calving, first lactation milk production, […]

Posted: November 17 2017
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nat geo backs the blue revolution

This video is hiding a LOT of information. We greenhorns ask the viewing audience to question the motives of National Geographic for posting this video about the "blue revolution."  It's an input-intensive industrial fish farm which spells out: Antibiotics Sea Lice Genetic Pollution Dead Zones Several pounds of wild-caught fish go into feeding every pound […]

Posted: December 3 2015
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apocalypse pig

The last antibiotics begin to fail...   On Thursday, researchers from several Chinese, British and US universities announced in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases that they have identified a new form of resistance, to the very last-ditch drug colistin—and that it is present in both meat animals and people, probably comes from agricultural use of […]

Posted: November 26 2015
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amazing film about the consequences of antibiotic resistance!


Posted: June 5 2014