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summer semester at stone soup

Posted: April 13 2014
tiny house 005
Stone Soup Institute is a small non-profit organization teaching sustainable/rural living skills, located in Harpswell Maine. Our program is project based, and hands-on. We are offering the Spring/Summer semester with a focus on building a mobile Tiny House.  We will be building with lumber sawn from trees salvaged from storm damage, as well as materials salvaged from local remodeling contractors. Students will learn how to plan and build a tiny house from start to finish. The goal is to begin in mid May and finish by mid August. Instruction in gardening, animal husbandry, and  homestead related crafts round out our time together. For more information about the Spring/Summer semester visit our website www.Stone-Soup-Institute.org
Also, see our Tiny House blog: http://stonesouptinyhouse.blogspot.com/
Please contact Jim Cornish for more information at 207-833-2884 or by e-mail: [email protected]
hudson, new york