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summer of food

Posted: June 12 2013

A new series from HeritageRadioNetwork.org

HeritageRadioNetwork.org (HRN) debuts Summer of Food, a special program giving voice to our Nation’s emerging network of student leaders.  From New York to California students are heading out of the classroom and onto the frontlines of the food world, using their summer break to engage in a radical rethinking of our country’s food landscape.  These students know that food can change the world, and are sharing their empowering stories to inspire action. Tune in as they deconstruct our industrial food system and think creatively about the future of food.  Students will explore topics including:

  • Food Sovereignty

  • Sustainable Ranching

  • Italian Foodways

  • Food Justice

  • Poverty and Food Access

  • Organic Farming and Sustainablity in the Developing World

  • Food, Education, and School Gardens

  • Young Farmers

  • Gender in Agriculture

  • And More!

Know a student leader? We are still accepting applications for this season’s run.  Please send inquiries to [email protected].  Tune in to Summer of Food through HeritageRadioNetwork.org or download the podcasts via iTunes or Stitcher.

For more information and to support our work please visit www.HeritageRadioNetwork.org.  Heritage Radio Network is a member-supported 501c3 non-profit founded in 2009 by Heritage Foods USA.

Special thanks to The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and Culinary Arts for its  support of this project. For more information about the Foundation and its activities, please visit: http://www.juliachildfoundation.org

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