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suffering from late blight?

Posted: July 29 2009

several of our friends are battling this right now, and we are watchful and vigilant that we are not the next struck
It's deeply traumatizing. We coddle our tomatoes, give them the best, start them from seed 3 months ahead (in some cases)
and then -- a black beasty rears its head and the mandate is "destroy or fumigate". This same moldy causes strawberry and melon growers in florida to spray methyl bromide, its used by the US gov. in the war on drugs, it's cousin wreaked the irish potato famine, and frankly, with weather conditions changing they way they have been, we have to wonder if it's just first in a series of new pathologies for new farmers to deal with.
Here's an article from NY Times: Late Blight Fungus Threatens Tomato Crop
Please tell us (comment) if you are having blight problems, and where you went for advice.