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such a nice idea for a project

Posted: August 2 2011

The Ceres Community Project works to restore locally-grown, organic whole food to its place as the foundation of health for people, communities and the planet.

Our integrated approach brings teens into the kitchen to learn about growing, preparing and eating healthy foods through serving as the program’s chefs. Each year, they prepare thousands of beautiful, delicious and organic meals for individuals and families facing cancer and other life threatening illnesses. The families receive vital nourishment along with the loving support of the community.
This rich stew of learning and healing gets an added dose of goodness through a wide range of programs that educate both clients and the larger community about the healing power of whole foods.
The nourishment of real food and the healing power of community. . . that’s the Ceres Community Project and it's helping to make both people and places more vibrant.
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red hook, new york