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special request from Gabe Dominguez

Posted: May 30 2008

Howdy folks ~

This is Gabe Dominguez from SHAKE YOUR PEACE! San Francisco's own bicycle-touring folk band, and co-director of The Bicycle Music Festival, the coolest free 100% bicycle-powered event ever.

After 2 years in my rooftop tent, I'd like to mix it up and relocate the tent to: a backyard, a different rooftop, or else move into a different simple shelter: a spare room, a closet, a shed, a liveaboard bus.

This email briefly describes who I am and how I live, and what I'm looking for. Thanks for your time. If you feel inspired, please pass it on to friends.


For couple years I've been living up on a rooftop in SF's Mission District in an 8x9 blue nylon camping tent on top of a Latino musician's collective. But now I need to relocate the tent, or find a simple indoor housing situation, and create a new home base for myself and
my ongoing experiments in urban sustainable musicianship:

In addition to harmony onstage: practicing the violin, guitar, flute, etc. I also actively pursue creating harmony offstage: staging free pedal-powered concerts in public parks, touring with my band on my bicycle, (recently returned from my fourth major bicycle/music tour) urban composting, and dumpster diving food (among other fun experiments).

I am a very low impact dweller and can exist self-reliantly in a 20 sq.ft space which can include taking care of my own: food, water, refrigeration, sanitation, etc. if your house can't handle anymore impact. If you are open to sharing parts of the house such as the kitchen, or the shower, that'd be great, and I'd be happy to pay my equal part of the bills accordingly.

I've been paying $100 a month in rent in my current situation, and could continue to do this if necessary. I also can support the house through work trades: music lessons, free concerts, house cleaning, web design, dish washing, singing-telegramming, shopping, vegetarian cooking,and other chores.

References, magazine and newspaper articles, mini-documentaries, and more, are available upon request.

Please see www.ShakeYourPeace.com, to learn more about me and my band.

If you know somebody who might have a yard, room, or roof available, please pass this onto them!

Gabe Dominguez
[email protected]

All the best,
Bicycle Music Festival
June 21 2008 -- All Day, All Night
San Francisco