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Soupstock! Convergence Conference & Free Concert.

Posted: May 20 2009

The weather has been beautiful.
The flowers and trees and birds are happy.
And next Sunday is SoupStock - May 24th !
At the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater which is in McLaren Park, S.F., CA.
On Sunday, May 24th 'Food Not Bombs' presents the Free Concert with Free Music and free food. It is the 29th Anniversary of Food Not Bombs.

Outdoors and secluded. Enjoy and explore the beautiful and little known yet vast park in South S.F.; muni to Balboa Park and take the 29 to the amphitheater.
11am-12 - sign up for Open Forum Poetry, singing and acoustics
Noon - Opening Ceremony with Jorge Molina
12:20 - Peaceniks
12:45 - Mama Crow
1:15 - Rebecca Cross and the Saints
2:00 - Bonfire Madigan
2:35 - Shelly Doty
3:15 - Shotwell
4:00 - Otto Mobile
4:30 - Open Jam with all musicians %*^()^%%$$#@!@%$^&*((&^%%^@%#^^%$$~
Cacophony until we are unplugged at 5:00ish
Unplugged playing after that and performances by Dancers, Clowns and what ever else happens til 7PM
Clean up, tear down, pack it up; etc...
On Saturday the will be a Convergence Conference where people who want to discuss, ponder, confer, and share about community building and the networking of active communities into social activism. The conference is at the 5lower Shop @ 992 Peralta (next to the Alemany Farmers Market) on Saturday, May 23rd from 10am-----~~~-----6pm. There will be work shops of: urban gardening, composting, fermentation beer and foods, Mycology and maybe other things too. There is also presentations of Food Not Bombs history and current activities and aspirations, FNB in Russia report back and slide show, panel discussion of autonomy and community and anarchy. 'UA in the Bay' will be helping facilitate conversations on building alternative communities; helping create creative dialog and we will be doing some washing and chopping of veggies for the concert the next day.
And because food is a huge part of life and bombs are part of death, we would prefer that our tax money was spent on Food not Bombs.
We gather and rescue food from being sent to a landfill by communicating with people to form a autonomous network that allows us to have nutritious meals for little or no money, and the food is shared openly and freely, not only as for generosity of sharing and the conservation of resources but we also do this in the public domain as a statement that there are people who need this food because society is not equal nor inclusive and the political structure that is supposed to help, can not. Displaying that in a land of plenty there are the hungry due, to the mismanagement of the most precious resource, food; Food = land, water, time energy and pollution. It is a crime to deprive people of food and the system not only allows people to starve, but the profit driven decisions favor money rather than the people that are kept poor so that they should be happy with crumbs.
The problem is bigger than bread and soups and salad, the problem is more than bad policies; the problem is apathy and greed brought on by ignorance and hierarchy. Free the land, free the food, free the people, free your minds.
Next year, being the 30th anniversary shall be honored by SoupStock all over the world where FNB serves food to the hungry. This year's SoupStoch is both a celebration and a resource of idea about how to through such wonderful celebrations to support our efforts on all social fronts. Come help this year and help plan for next years where ever you are.
Peace and Work