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So, she's not farming...

Posted: May 13 2009

But she is Sexy. Liz Hurley shares her country "estate" with four labradors, two cats, three geese, eight chickens, 49 cows, 63 sheep and 82 pigs, and thinks people look "sexier in the country". here here!
Sexier than the City: Liz Hurley reveals the naughty secrets of life in the country
By Jo ClementsTag Response
Perhaps it's all that fresh air. Or more likely, the glow of those roaring log fires.
But the former girl about town Elizabeth Hurley has become something of an evangelist for the joys of country life.
According to the actress turned model, the English countryside is simply far 'sexier' than London.
Liz Hurley frolicks in the countryside in the shoot for Tatler magazine
And in a breathless account for Tatler magazine, in which she poses in the grounds of a country mansion, Miss Hurley, 43, paints an earthy picture of rural life that Jilly Cooper would be proud of.
'When I close my eyes and think of England, I'm not in a fancy restaurant in Knightsbridge, but am instead lolling, scantily clad, in front of a roaring fire, surrounded by four labradors and Rupert Campbell-Black,' she said, referring to one of Miss Cooper's dashing characters.
'I wouldn't mind betting that there's less sex in the city than there is in the country because it's just well, sexier here.'

Miss Hurley, 43, who also has a home in London, now lives almost full-time on the £2.7million Gloucestershire estate she bought in 2003.
She shares it with husband Arun Nayar, son Damian, four labradors, two cats, three geese, eight chickens, 49 cows, 63 sheep and 82 pigs.
Not to mention a cast of handsome locals, ranging from the 'gorgeous' builders who helped with her renovations, to the shelf stackers at the supermarket.
'To me people look sexier in the country,' she said.
'Take builders for example. The lot who recently did my stable conversion were so gorgeous that friends from London used to travel down just to flirt with them.
'Or take the shelf-fillers in my local supermarket in Cirencester - almost all of them could be extras in Another Country.
'If you think of London you're more likely to think binge-drinking, mugging and competitive schooling than hotel rooms, champagne and lacy knickers. Not so in the country.'
According to Miss Hurley, country interior design is all a little nudge, nudge, wink wink, too.
'Next time you go to someone's house in the country, be sure to check out if they have warm, possibly fluffy, rugs in front of their fire,' she writes.
'No prizes for guessing why they're there.'
Later she adds: 'I can also shyly confess to having two sheepskin rugs in front of all my fireplaces.'
• See the full interview in the June issue of Tatler, out today.


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