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show up at city hall in SF - today!

Posted: February 17 2011

Reminder - there's a public hearing happening today (Thursday, February 17!) in San Francisco about a proposed new zoning code for urban agriculture! Here's a note from Brook Budner (greenhors artist extraordinaire) of Little City Gardens, along with a poster she designed.

I would love for the broader young agriculturalist community to know that this is happening in SF. The code would facilitate more urban farms by explicitly allowing them in every district type. In addition, and especially pertinent to little city gardens, it would allow sales of produce from these farms.  (If this passes we will finally be able to sell our produce and run our business!)
We have been working hard on this legislation for the past 6 months (its amazing how much work it is to make small changes) the cool thing
is that we have organized for a big turnout to the public hearing.  a big old show to the planning commission that the urban ag community is
strong and passionate!  we have more info posted on our blog. and detailed info about the legislation at the San Francisco Urban
Agriculture alliance website: www.sfuaa.org

san francisco, ca