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severine's farm house for sale, westport NY

Posted: August 27 2020

In order to support the ongoing works to build the Greenhorns Campus in Pembroke, Maine -- including the historic buildings Grey Lodge and Reversing Hall -- Severine has put her beautiful property on the market in Westport, NY.

The Red Brick Federal style Farm House was built in 1820 and is surrounded by preserved agricultural land. It has been kept as hayfield by neighboring farm, is 17 acres with spring water, glorious views, new basement and back roof and back-stairwell and gutted kitchen-- within commuting distance of Middlebury, Burlington or Elizabethtown NY in a charming victorian town on Lake Champlain that hosts an Amtrak station, a fairground, a boy’s camp, a lovely public library and a set of wilderness trails (CATS TRAILS) along with a wonderful population of small local farms and food businesses.  Its is a most wonderful place to live, it just doesn’t have any marine algae, the obsession that provoked our move to Maine (visit our SEAWEED COMMONS site to learn more!).