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seeking caretaker - mcclurg, MO

Posted: December 14 2011

Another great opportunity!

We recently bought 76 acres in the Ozarks (in the defunct town of McClurg, MO) and are planning on retiring there.  We both love gardening and are looking for someone who might be interested in doing caretaker work for our raised gardens, small cattle herd, and small flock of chickens while we visit our family in Colorado.  If someone is interested in making it profession and is short on cash, we can probably provide living space and well water for their help in gardening/farming.  We have a furnished 2 bedroom single wide trailer with electricity and water, the heat needs some work.  We border the Mark Twain National Forest and there is great hunting and good fishing nearby.
We will be building the raised beds this spring, but I'm looking towards the future. A neighbor is grazing cattle currently on our land, and thinks the pastures will be excellent with some fertilizer. I would really like to try organic farming as well as trying our hand at some fruit trees and blueberry bushes.  Since our retirement will need some supplementation, I would like to sell our produce at a farmer's market in Branson or Springfield.
We are professionals who are looking forward to early retirement, but we are young enough to still have parents to take care of and grandchildren to babysit. Therefore we will make frequent trips to our family in Colorado throughout the year.  We finished the fencing this past spring and in addition to the raised beds, we have a tractor to help plow some fields, and we need to finish our greenhouse. In addition to 2 ponds and a stream, we have 2 wells for good water and Beaver Creek is nearby for wonderful canoeing.
Since we won't be moving for another year, we can take our time finding just the right match.  I would love someone who had knowledge of organic farming, soil mixes, natural fertilizers, composting, possible mushroom growing, etc…
Is there anyone out there who might be interested? A young couple would be perfect as we are a bit rural, but do have great neighbors a short distance away. Some of our neighbors do commute to Springfield so the drive is not bad.
Requirements: honest, loves the outdoors, trustworthy, willing to drive produce to town and staff the Farmer's Market, accepting of "redneck mentality", self-reliance and personal responsibility. "Handyman skills" will be an advantage for sure.

Email: glomalley at msn.com

mcclurg, MO


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