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seed saving job opportunity - WA

Posted: December 13 2010

Jubilee Farm is accepting applications for a full-time person to establish an on-farm, seed-saving program.

Jubilee  Farm is located on the Snoqualmie River in Carnation, WA.  The farm was first certified organic in 1995.  After many years of organic farming,  we have now for several years been transitioning into biodynamic  farming.   Biodynamic farmers generally believe that sustainability in  its strongest sense means that a farm should subsist without off-farm  inputs.   We've worked for years at developing on-farm fertility; this  spring we are ready for the next stage in our farm's attempt to become  sustainable: on-farm seed-saving.
We  are looking for a person who is experienced in all phases of seed  saving to join us as a full-time staff person.   This person's primary  responsibility will be to organize and manage a first-year seed-saving  plan, and will work closely with the farm manager in utilizing the  resources of the farm to make that plan successful.
An  hourly wage for this position will be based on degree of experience;  on-farm housing is possible.  We work eight hour days, Monday through  Friday.  This position will start on March 1, 2011, and could provide  year-around employment.
Applicants should send a resume and cover-letter to [email protected]

carnation, WA