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scribe winery inaugural release

Posted: October 27 2009

Since the enactment of the 18th amendment, in 1919, wine has not been made or sold from the land that is now Scribe Winery. So it is with reverence for the land's past and excitement for its future that we announce the Inaugural Release from Scribe Winery.
This release debuts two wines that have been resting in our cellar the longest: the 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2004 Syrah from the Scribe Outpost East vineyard in Napa; and two wines just recently bottled: the 2008 Pinot Noir and 2008 Chardonnay from Carneros, Sonoma.We invite you to visit www.scribewinery.com to learn more about these wines and, if you are so inclined, purchase them in our online store. This day also marks the inception of the Scribe Viticultural Society, whose members will have access to the process of winegrowing, the ongoing revival of the Scribe Estate, and the enjoyment of Scribe wines. The first 100 members to join are automatically enrolled in the Rogue Registry. Rogue members will have privileged access to future Scribe dinners and barrel tastings, and to organic produce from the Scribe gardens.
Please take note of a couple upcoming events:
Scribe Winery Inaugural Release Dinner at Chez Panisse in Berkeley; October 27th. Visit www.chezpanisse.com for reservations.
Scribe Winery post-harvest Dinner at Bar Tartine in San Francisco, December 3rd. Visit www.bartartine.com for reservations.
And finally, please visit us in Sonoma at the Scribe Cellar to experience the property revival firsthand and to taste Scribe wines. Email [email protected], or call 707-939-1858 to make arrangements.
Thank you.
Andrew Mariani, vintner



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