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Scholarships to the 2012 Carbon Farming Course

Posted: December 9 2011

Did you know about the upcoming Carbon Farming Course near NYC? It's a series of workshops in Regenerative Agriculture taking place just outside of New York City from January 17 - February 5th, 2012. There is an incredible lineup of teachers and topics, including Joel Salatin, Wes Jackson, Elaine Ingham, Darren Doherty, Dave Jacke, and more.

They are now offering substantial scholarships to full-time farmers. Scholarships are 25% or 50% off of the tuition fees for any number of the Carbon Farming Course Workshops:
  • Jan 17-19: Holistic Management: Dr. Ann Adams, Holistic Management International
  • Jan 20-22: Keyline Farming: Darren Doherty, Regen Ag
  • Jan 24-26: Perennial Agriculture: Dr. Wes Jackson, The Land Institute & Dave Jacke, Edible Forest Gardens
  • Jan 27-29: Tree Crops & Agroforestry: Eric Toensmeier, Perennial Solutions
  • Jan 31 - Feb 1: Living Soils: Dr. Elaine Ingham, Soil Foodweb International
  • Feb 3: BioChar Colloquium: Jason Aramburu, Re:Char, Northeast Biochar, & many more!
  • Feb 4: Financing Regenerative Agriculture Conference
  • Feb 5: Local Food Systems: Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms
Through your organization, groups of up to 9 farmers automatically receive the 25% off Scholarship. If 10 or more farmers sign up through you, all of them can receive the 50% off Scholarship.
For full-time farmers to receive the Scholarship, simply register at https://www.regonline.com/carbonfarming2012 and use the code: Farm25
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