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sand creek farm internships

Posted: February 20 2013

Sand Creek Farm and Dairy is a 170 acre farm located in Cameron, Texas.
We provide raw milk, raw milk cheese, yogurt, kefir, organically (non-certified) grown vegetables, grass fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken eggs, pastured broilers and various other products to over two hundred families.  This year we are added three aquaponic greenhouses for the production of vegetables and tilapia.
The intern will learn about working and caring for draft horses, Raw-milk dairying, greenhouse vegetable production, field vegetable production, aquaponics, farmstead cheesemaking, rotational grazing, farm construction projects ie:  rocket stoves, greenhouses, fence repair, etc
Housing and some food is provided along with a stipend to purchase additional items the intern may need.
Contact us by at [email protected]

hudson, new york