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sales position with estancia beef

Posted: April 24 2013

POSITION: Regional Sales Manager for the Dallas/Houston area
Download the full position description HEREestancia_bag_logo
THE COMPANY: Estancia Beef sells the highest quality grass-fed beef on the market and is expanding distribution across the US. Consumer demand for truly natural, grass-fed beef is growing quickly and Estancia leads the category. The beef is sold into the top restaurants in the Western US alongside high quality retailers and specialty accounts. Estancia Beef truly is natural: It is produced without the use of feed-lots, growth-promoting antibiotics or hormones. Grass-fed beef has well-documented health benefits and Estancia sets the gold standard for center of the plate quality. Estancia works with a cooperative of 140 ranches in Uruguay following strict protocols and the company is currently developing complementary US production to supply 50% of company sales. Consumer interests, health trends and global beef pricing are all perfectly positioned for Estancia’s success and we expect to grow to $50 million in sales over the next 5 years.
Sales managers at Estancia build regional businesses by converting new retail and restaurant accounts; additionally the person is responsible for managing them successfully. The manager must work closely with chefs and buyers to ensure customer satisfaction and product fit. The manager must also help develop business through new and existing partnerships like distributors, brokers or affiliate programs. The success and growth of the region sit firmly on their shoulders. Beyond sales and distribution, the manager helps manage local marketing efforts, planned events, distribution and logistics, pricing and all aspects of the regional business.

hudson, new york