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rural romance

Posted: August 4 2014

food chain radio explores this common issue.  Rural-Romance-Red-Barn-1024x1024
Food Chain Radio Show #977: RURAL ROMANCE!
Guest: Kristina Johnson, Author, The Love Lives of Farmers
She moved out into the country to become a farmer, but had to name her farm “BYOB,” for “Bring your own Boyfriend.”  “The pickings out here are slim,” she said.
Tiring of the loneliness of city life, many now look out to Farmland, America, where one might earn a real living growing real food, and live among cowboys and girls that are monogamous, and vegetable growers that are warmhearted and attentive.
But when they do move out into farm country, they find the average farmer to be of retirement age, and long-since spoken for, and so they name their farms “BYOB” or “BYOG.”
Those who do bring their own mate often find themselves isolated by the farm’s work, where one tends the chores outside, and the other the chores inside.  “Sometimes I see him walk by the kitchen window, but that’s about the all the interaction we have until supper time.”
To sustain a farm community capable of sustaining big cities requires social viability as well as economic viability.   And so we ask…
What do we hope to find when we move out into farm country?
What obstacles do we find to social intercourse in farm country?  And…
Where does one find a mate in farm country?
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