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RSVP now: northeast gathering on domestic fair trade, august 14 in amherst, ma

Posted: July 11 2015

ATTN:: Open Meeting: Northeast Gathering on Domestic Fair Trade
Friday August 14, 2015 9:00 am-12:30pm
Campus Center 903 UMASS, Amherst
This Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Summer Conference Free Meeting, sponsored by The Domestic Fair Trade Committee of NOFA’s Interstate Council’s (IC) Policy Committee, invites activists from the Northeast Region who are engaged in projects and organizing efforts that come under the broad heading of Domestic Fair Trade to come together to share their work and ideas and to discuss possible collaboration for the immediate future.
Who should come? Farm workers, farmers, food system workers, processors, manufacturers, worker organizers, farmer organizers, cooperative organizers, visionaries, and allies.
Consider attending if your work (paid or volunteer) involves fairer wages, safer work, fairer prices, ethical trading, making the food system environmentally, economically, and socially just, sustainable, and humane.

  1. Welcome - why we are gathered together
  2. Brief Presentations on domestic fair trade - its history, current state of landscape in our region
  3. Introductions from participants - getting to know one another: who we are; what activities we and our organization are currently engaged in relative to domestic fair trade; do we collaborate with others in this work, if so, with whom;
  4. Brainstorm - set further agenda together - what can we share together, where are the most promising areas for collaboration or exchange.
  5. Discussion of next steps

Although the program is included on Friday’s Pre Conference Track of NOFA’s Annual Summer Conference our Meeting is FREE.
Pre-registration is desired, so please contact Liz Henderson (NOFA IC Representative to the Agricultural Justice Project Board & IC Policy Committee Co-Chair) [email protected] or Louis Battalen (NOFA delegate to the Domestic Fair Trade Association) [email protected].
For details about the NOFA Summer Conference visit www.nofasummerconference.org