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rock the barn

Posted: July 30 2012

Rock the Barn, put together by three friends, is a (non-funded) promotional bicycle tour for prop 37, the labeling of GMO ingredients in California, and for small organic farms in California. We're going from San Francisco to Los Angeles on August 6 - 17.  We're bringing a guitar, saxophone, and hand drum. Our band is Becky White and the Secret Mission, www.beckywhitemusic.org. This ain't our first rodeo, and we want it to be huge.
If you're for prop 37, are against GMOs, or think Monsanto is an evil empire, then please support this tour.  We really don't need much, and so setting something up is very easy.  Our biggest need is for people to play music with (or for)!!  After that, a place to camp.  If you have some food, we'd be ecstatic.  We're also accepting donations on our website.  Spreading the word via facebook, twitter, or e-mail is probably the easiest thing you can do.  Our website is www.makeartnow.org or www.facebook.com/rockthebarnride or @rock_the_barn.  Our tour poster is attached and I have more images if you need them. We're teamed up with carighttoknow.org and several other Bay Area non-profits for literature.
Here's where we'll be (this is a faster riding schedule, we may go slower, so we may arrive AFTER these dates):
August 6th: Half-moon bay
August 7th: Santa Cruz
August 8th: Monterrey
August 9th: Big Sur (near esalen)
August 10th: Morro Bay / San Luis Obispo
August 11th: San Luis Obispo / Pismo beach
August 12th: Lompoc
August 13th: Santa Barbara
August 14th: Santa Barbara
August 15th: Malibu
August 16-17th: Santa Monica / Los Angeles
We're aiming for 3.7 million people to make the ride in honor of prop 37 but we would settle for 37, and we're going even it's 3.7--I once met a one-legged guy doing a 500-mile bicycle tour (true story). So far we have 3.  We want more riders, and we're willing to take on people who can do the miles even if they're fairly green.  If you have a microphone, PA, or drum kit, we could use those too (we can't carry them on a bicycle (ok, we can, but we won't)).  This e-mail is an invitation for you to get creative with us. We're not leaders, we're just bad ass bicyclists who want to put our values into action. How can we get together to make labeling not just a consumer issue, but to frame it in broader social justice contexts?? We think a jubilee is in order. Celebrate the future we need. Rock the Barn.

red hook, new york