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RIGGING, ROLLING, AND RAISING: The Art of Moving Immovable Objects with ROBERT RIVERSONG, Builder, Caver, Climber

Posted: October 12 2019

WHO: Robert Riversong, builder and rigging expert

WHAT: Workshop in Rigging, Rolling, and Raising: The Art of Moving Immovable Objects

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, November 2nd and 3rd, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

ENROLLMENT: Limited to twelve people

COST: $85 (includes lunch and coffee)

RESERVATIONS/INFO: Phil McBride, [email protected]

Would you like to learn how to move big things around, without hydraulic excavators and cranes? Whether you’re a builder, a homesteader, an arborist, or anyone else who needs these skills, Robert Riversong will show you how.

In this two-day workshop, you’ll practice techniques of moving large and heavy objects using manpower combined with ropes and pulleys to create mechanical advantage.You’ll move a half-ton granite block and raise a timber-frame bent, while getting instruction about safety and many technical aspects of rigging and knot tying.

 Robert Riversong has used these techniques to build timber-frame houses and assist in caving rescues. He’s given workshops on rigging at Yestermorrow Build/Design School and Maine’s Common Ground Fair. His students have included people in the building trades, arborists, boatbuilders, and emergency-rescue personnel. Of his two-day workshop, Robert says, “I usually cover rope types and functions, knot theory and practice,  and a variety of rigging equipment, as well as basic theory in mechanical advantage systems, anchor systems, friction-reduction systems, and vector geometry (with a little trigonometry thrown in for those who enjoy that!).”

For more information about Robert and the workshop, visit https://riversonghousewright.wordpress.com/about/28-rigging-rolling-raising-the-art-of-moving-immovable-objects/