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resources from washington state dept. of ag

Posted: March 20 2012

 The Washington State Department of Agriculture has two projects with video resources to share with the Greenhorns community. One is Bridging the GAPs, which addresses food safety on small and diversified farms. The other is a Farm Wisdom video series, where farmers share their expertise and ingenuity by showing ways they utilize innovative and viable business and production practices to manage risk, and to build and maintain sustainable small-scale farms. Read on for more information on these resources.
WSDA Bridging the GAPs Project and Video – Good Agricultural Practices, funded by USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant
Learn about Bridging the GAPs, a new project of WSDA to work with auditors and growers to identify best practices for food safety efforts on small and diversified farms. In this online video, join a group of farmers, food buyers and GAP auditors from WSDA at Cedarville Farm as they discuss good agricultural practices for small and diversified farms and why food safety planning matters to them.
As more produce buyers require food safety assurances, many growers are documenting their food safety practices and considering whether food safety certification is a good fit for them. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is a voluntary set of food safety guidelines designed to help produce growers improve food safety on the farm. Successful completion of a WSDA GAP audit will earn the farm a USDA GAP certification. 
Farm Wisdom Video Series – Funded by USDA Risk Management Agency Community Outreach and Partnership Assistance Grant
A diverse set of small-scale producers served as farm hosts for WSDA’s 2009-2011 mobile workshops aimed at helping farmers reduce risk in their businesses. Production practices, direct marketing strategies, business planning, energy conservation practices, regulations for raw and processed products are all featured in this video series. Farmers participating in the workshops found the information to be so useful that we began filming them in order to reach more farmers with this invaluable, practical information.

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