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recipe/testimonial for horsetail/nettle tea's use as a microorganism support and soil booster

Posted: June 5 2014


Harvest nettle - from tip to about 1 ft off ground.
Chop finely like herbs for a salad.
Mix in a barrel 2/3 full of dry nettle and fill with water (about 80% full).
Top with agribon cloth so to let it breathe but keep out bugs.
Stir twice daily for 7-10 days. foaming will begin 1-3 days in and then slowly subside.
Remove bio material and store in cool dark place.
POTENT nitrogen fertilizer horsetail is same - EXCEPT - you need to add molasses at 1:1 ration with water. If 5 gallons of water added to horsetail then add 5 gallons of molasses (I actually use a little less because its so expensive). POTENT silica supplement....my buddy who farms near Mt Shasta - his brews are almost done - he started them a week ago - are reading OFF nettle                                                                   THE CHARTS for nutrient concentrations!!!