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read this: localism in the age of trump

Posted: December 16 2016

With a Trump administration looming in 2017, the best course of action for progressives and left-leaning individuals in this country may be at the local level. Although Trump grabbed headlines with an anti-globalization platform, proponents of localism are understandably skeptical of his motives, especially considering his recent cabinet appointees.
Enter Richard Heinberg's recent article at resilience.org. At times alarming and just plain scary, he doesn't mince words. The next four years will be an uphill battle, but there are many opportunities to make a stand and enact change at the local level:

The next four years may be a time when much that is beautiful and admirable about America is attacked, looted, liquidated, and suppressed; and when some of the more shameful elements of the country are empowered, amplified, and celebrated. If there is a political corollary to Newton’s third law (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction), then the radical policy shifts promised by Trump will engender an enormous backlash. It is as yet unclear what forms that backlash will take, but much of the energy unleashed will be expressed locally.

Check out the entire article HERE. It's well-worth the read!