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re-imagine, detriot

Posted: May 10 2012

Save the date: July 2 – 14, 2012
DETROIT 2012: Re-Imagine the World, Transform Ourselves & Fight for the Future…
The old economy is failing. A new economy is sprouting like shoots after a forest fire. This transition to new ways of understanding and organizing work is as significant as the shift from hunting and gathering to agriculture 11,000 years ago and from agriculture to industry a few hundred years ago.
From Detroit, Michigan, where industrial jobs are gone forever, to points across the globe, there are exciting and moving stories of invention and reinvention.
In the summer of 2012 in Detroit, a groundbreaking conference will gather thinkers and doers from the worlds of activism, community organizing, labor, crafts, media, entrepreneurship, the arts, academe, and ‘green’—in a 14-day collaborative of visionary organizing and discussion. You will come away inspired by people with whom you can collaborate in this profound economic and spiritual transformation.
Re-Imagine our World, Transform Ourselves, Fight for the Future…
July 2 – 14, 2012 Detroit, MI
for more information and to register: http://det2012.eventbrite.com/
also visit: www.boggscenter.org
Tawana Petty at [email protected] or 313-433-9882, 313-923-0797

detroit, mi