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ranch job available asap

Posted: July 11 2012

Download the full job description HERE

The Sun Ranch is located in the upper Madison River Valley of southwestern Montana, about 30 miles south of Ennis. The Sun encompasses approximately 25,000 acres of deeded land and grazing leases. The ranch is committed to conservation and improving the health of the land for wildlife and livestock through progressive management.
The Sun’s livestock operation seasonally grazes yearlings, spayed heifers, pairs, and replacement heifers for income and to improve wildlife habitat. The grazing season is carefully planned, taking into account the forage resources required for wildlife and using cattle impact to improve the quality of forage for other species. Because the ranch is such a wildlife corridor, many of the old barbed wire fences have been removed and much of the ranch is unfenced. Therefore, temporary electric fence, “let-down” high-tensile wire fence, and herding are used to achieve grazing objectives.
Download the job description!

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