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radix center open house today! albany, ny

Posted: February 26 2012

And the last Sunday of every month.  Also check out their Regenerative Urban Sustainability Training.

The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center is a new not-for-profit educational organization based in inner city Albany, NY.   The purpose of the Radix Center is to promote ecological literacy and environmental stewardship through educational programs based around demonstrations of sustainable technologies.
The Center will teach practical skills that can be applied to create community self-reliance and environmental sustainability.  An emphasis will be placed on issues of food security, health, and the remediation of contaminated soils.
In addition to beautifying a vacant lot, the Center will offer hands-on workshops and tours not only to area school groups, but to interested citizens throughout the Northeast.
Systems to include:

  • Bioshelter/Greenhouse heated by passive solar and bio-thermal sources for year-round food production
  • Bioremediation- utilization of the biological processes of naturally occurring organisms to remediate contaminated soils
  • Rainwater collection for irrigation and urban water quality improvement
  • Renewable energy systems- affordable wind, solar, and small scale biofuels
  • Microlivestock- sustainably raised chickens and other fowl
  • Aquaculture – aquatic plants and animals raised in a closed loop nutrient recycling system
  • Compost- conversion of organic wastes into soil building fertilizer
  • Vermicompost – use of worms to produce high quality fertilizer from food wastes
  • Food forest and organic gardens – intensive methods of sustainable urban food production
  • Apiculture- raising bees for the purposes of crop pollination and honey production

In Fall 2010 we will begin construction on our greenhouse!

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