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quivira coalition in the capital press

Posted: December 8 2011

By DOUG WARNOCK For the Capital Press
A group of new, young agricultural producers filled the speaker list at the 2011 annual conference of the Quivira Coalition, which met in Albuquerque, N.M., in early November. The New Agrarians was the theme of this year's program where men and women, all under the age of 40, showed their enthusiasm for food production and told how they got their start in agriculture.
The Quivira Coalition, celebrating its 10th annual conference, is a group of ranchers, conservationists, scientists and public land managers who meet and work together to learn about and promote sustainable management of the land. Its headquarters is in Santa Fe, N.M., and while many of its members are from the Southwest, it reaches into all the Western states. The coalition has evolved to meet changing values, markets and needs in society and continues to emphasize its core values, which are grassroots relationships, land health, collaboration and innovation.
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