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Proper Procedure, if you find wild animals,

Posted: December 12 2013

or orphaned animals-- on your land.

Is to call the wildlife rehabilitation professionals.
DO NOT FEED wild animals, this will cause them to be shot dead as they will now

seek food from humans for the rest of their lives.
California Department of Fish and Game, website for Region 4 (central coast/valley/mountain):
phone: 559-243-4005
The bear-feeding should be reported to CDFG as soon as possible -- there's no way around getting them involved, as they will probably be the only ones with the resources, and authority, to relocate the bears.
Performing Animal Welfare Society
209-745-2606 or [email protected]
(this is the elephant, tiger, & bear preserve that I visited in October): This organization focuses on rescuing animals from bad zoos and circuses and roadside attractions, etc., but they probably know more than most people about how to respond to a situation like the bear-feeding situation (though they'll probably refer you to CDFG)
California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators interactive map to find a rehabilitator in a particular county:
It's the rare wildlife center that takes bears, but you can call any center and ask the staff there for a referral to appropriate people (though they'll probably refer you to CDFG first)
California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators main site:

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