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primitive skills convergence in nor cal

Posted: March 24 2010

at Polcum Springs.  Check out their workshops listing, and in particularly the primitive skills weekend described below.

With Tamara Wilder
June 5 – 6th, 2010
$140 to $160 sliding scale

Join us as we explore universal hunter gatherer skills used by humans all around the world and spend some time learning basic and essential living skills through hands-on activities.
• Make fire with handdrill and bowdrill fire kits
• Process dogbane fiber and make string
• Learn how to make a netting shuttle and a knotted net
• Practice with hunting tools, including throwing rabbitsticks & spearthrowers, shooting bow & arrow, and playing hoop & pole game
• Learn basic stone and woodworking techniques through beadmaking, shaping and polishing stone, and grinding nuts
• Experiment with some basic wild food identification and food processing techniques using stone mano & metate and mortar & pestle
In this longer weekend format we will also have a chance to discuss a wide variety of other primitive technologies as well as some of the uses of local plants. This will be an incredible opportunity to move a step closer to self-sufficiency and to an understanding of how humans have survived for tens of thousands of years with primitive technologies (the first technologies) as their tools.
Saturday evening potluck campfire dinner. Bring something home grown or gathered and we'll include whatever other local food is available. $140-$160 sliding scale (includes Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, camping and all materials).
To register, call 707-972-1364, email [email protected], or send a check with your information to:
Polcum Springs, Post Office Box 59, Laytonville, CA 95454
Tamara Wilder has been demonstrating and practicing ancient living skills for the past 20 years.  She is the coauthor of the book Buckskin: The Ancient Art of Braintanning and regularly teaches seminars on stringmaking, braintanning, firemaking and other ancient technologies across Northern California.  More info at www.paleotechnics.com


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