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pretty things beer & ale

Posted: December 10 2009

We like this beer project, and their business model.

We can’t believe it. We launched our first batch of Jack D’Or at the Monks Cell, at Publick House in Brookline a year ago on 1st December. Dave Ciccolo let us have a shindig there, and I’ll never forget watching him when we opened our first bottles in Publick House Provisions. That night, we met our sales guy Andrew Bousquet (now with Craft) and local beer buyers including Dan Tomkins (now with Three Floyds) and Josh Witkowski (now at Walsh’s). They all just heard about our project and came along on a hunch that it might be interesting. We struggled to get a huge crowd: we’d been gone from Boston, living in Yorkshire for 2 and a half years, and it was kind of a quiet launch. But the people who were there: Dave, Remi, Matt Tremblay, Adam Fisher, Johnny P, Aaron Hecker, Scot Flora, Max, Aaron, Jamie: well, they’ve stuck with us and what an amazing group of Pretty Things advocates they’ve been.
I don’t want to tell our very new story like we’ve gone from rags to riches, but our year has been amazing. We’ve brewed six beers in two different breweries. We’ve sold beer in MA, NY, PA, MN and Europe. We’ve met some amazing people. That’s pretty good going. And you know why? Because beer people are cool. Freaking cool.
So thank you to the breweries, the distributors, the sales people, the beer buyers, the restaurant owners, the chefs, the wait staff, the beer people, the non-beer people, the scientists, the beer advocates, the writers, to Paper City Brewery, and thank you to our new home, Buzzards Bay Brewing in Westport.
We’re still puzzling over our business, we’re still working and tasting and talking every day about our beers and how to make them better. We love our business and we love our beers, and we hope that both of them will grow.