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pics of our nofa mixer!

Posted: January 24 2011
we had hot chai and chocolate bits, bandana bling, big loud dancy music by red headed strangers, over 100 young farmers to kick off this years NOFA NY conference in saratoga springs.

View the full album here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thegreenhorns/sets/72157625892357330/
Regarding photos of the event, here is an important note from Severine.
Dear Greenhorns,
It was brought to my attention that a photographer was taking pictures at our mixer and having releases signed by party-goers at the NOFANY mixer.
I did not know this was happening, and did not authorize it.

Please know that we have spoken to the parties involved and made clear our annoyance. This will not happen again under my watch.

Greenhorns schill for no man.

red hook, new york