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petaluma young farmers mixer

Posted: April 2 2010

West Coasters, this one's for you!

The main purpose of this event is for the young farmers of the greater Bay Area to get to know each other, so they may be able to better network, exchange ideas, and generally widen their community of support. In addition to a roundtable atmosphere where people can air their projects and grievances (funding, land tenure, organization...), we're going to have presentations by the Sonoma County Historical society on the legacy of chicken farming in the area, by Grown in Marin (which is an information clearinghouse for farmers and ranchers), a few workshops, a live band, and there will be heaps of drink, food, music, and of course other young folks. The main part of the event will be taking place at the Rare Seeds seed bank in Petaluma, on April 25th (a Sunday), from 6pm till 8, with an after-party at the Green String Farm.
We've yet to see an event of this sort on the West Coast, so we're very excited to see the results!