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permaculture for non-profits

Posted: November 30 2009
Regeneration CSA (and friends) is offering free intro to Permaculture workshops for community organizations and non-profit organizations, staff, and their clients in the Hudson Valley. Permaculture is a design science that takes a holistic approach to long term sustainability. We hope these workshops can help your organization and members in thinking thru how to better approach the challenges that are coming our way in the 21st century; climate change, energy descent (peak oil), food security, and much more.
Workshops are usually 1 1/2 to 2 hrs, and can be tailored to the work and goals of each organization.  Contact us at: 845 687 0535 or [email protected] for more info and to set something up.


Regeneration CSA
at Outback Farm
81 Clove Valley Rd, High Falls NY 12440


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