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permaculture farmers seeking a housemate

Posted: January 9 2012

Ever expanding lot of green farmers seeks comrade for adventures in communal living. Homesteading? Yes. Permaculture? Yes. Strengthening the local food economy? For sure.
Room for rent. $300/month. 20 miles North of Corvallis in the temperate micro climate of the Airlie Valley. It’s rural and pristine. House has all creature comforts. Utility bills are shared. Cats and Dog share the space. We are planning transitional agriculture using sweet alternative methods that pay homage to the land, water, fauna and flora. Focus is on food production and seed saving. Pickles, Murals, Community Building, Tree houses, Mandalas, Folk Medicine, Podcasts, Zines, Husbandry, Gourd Instruments and everything in between.
Searching for a housemate with interest in sharing responsibility for farm who values honest and open communication. We have spaces for Fermentation, Crafting, Preserving, Woodworking, Welding, Bike Building, Music Making, Ceremony, Swimming, Experimental Gardening and what have you.
Skills Desired in Jill/Jack of all Trades:
▪    Farm Experience
▪    CSA Running
▪    True Grit
▪    Carpentry
▪    Creativity
▪    Permaculture Skills
Contact [email protected]

corvallis, or


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