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Paisley Farm & Sweet Deliverance

Posted: May 24 2009

Living in NYC and still without a CSA?  And don't have time to cook?  This is a rad partnership between Severine's landlords, Paisley Farm, and Sweet Deliverance, a NYC-based company which transforms farm-fresh, organic ingredients into deliciously wholesome meals and then delivers them to your home.
Here's the skinny!
Paisley Farm is a 25-acre farm in Tivoli, NY where they have been growing organic specialty vegetables for 15 years. The farm is owned and operated by Michael Kokas and Jan Greer, and they farm with the help of their two children, Julian and Augusta. In addition to the great variety of vegetables they grow, Mike and Jan are known for the wild edibles they forage. In springtime, they gather ramps, fiddlehead ferns, and nettles.
Mike and Jan have been keeping the best chefs in Manhattan happy for two decades, and we are SO excited to work with them this year as they start up their new CSA!
Each week, on average, you will receive a variety of 7 - 10 items in your CSA and Sweet Deliverance will transform these veggies into delicious meals!
This spring our contract will begin with the 1st delivery on June 8th and end on November 16th 2009. You can choose to receive a delivery every week or every other week. Please read below for schedule and contract flexibility.
Preparation and delivery fees of $350, as well as the costs of any additions or dairy items purchased are due at the time of each delivery unless other arrangements have been made.
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover as well as personal checks (payable to Sweet Deliverance) and cash. If paying by credit card we will charge your card the Sunday before delivery and provide you with a receipt.
Sweet Deliverance operates out of Brooklyn, New York and delivers to Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx!
Spring 2009 service options
The prices quoted below are for your CSA sign-up costs. A base preparation and delivery fee of $350 is due at the time of each delivery.
RABBIT RABBIT (our basic plan)
Utilizes full harvest vegetable share
*24 week contract $510 * 12 week contract $265
- 1 qt. of soup or stew (2-4 servings)
- Greens and your choice of 2 four oz.dressings when available
- 1 baked good (4-6 servings)
- 1 pasta or grain dish (4-6 servings)
- 3 vegetable sides (4 servings each)
These offerings cover the sweet tooth, the meat eater! These costs are in addition to the base plan you choose.
Add our Local Organic, grass-fed when possible, meat entrees! We offer 2 choices per menu. Meat dishes are ordered and paid for weekly, there is no initial sign-up cost. If choosing 4 servings you may select either 2 servings of each choice or 4 servings of 1.
- 2 servings $25
- 4 servings $50
Utilizes fruit share
* 24 week contract $265 * 12 week contract $150
- 1 dessert per delivery (4-6 servings)
- Plus occasional fruit for snacking depending on season
Don't forget the egg share!
* 24 week contract $65 * 12 week contract $35
- 1/2 dozen farm fresh organic eggs per delivery
HEAVENS TO BETSY! (the cow!)
We also deliver organic grass fed dairy items such as:
- Whole and skim milk
- Goat milk
- Yogurt plain and flavored
- Butter
American Farmstead Cheeses! (Including but not limited to our 4 weekly cheese specials that feature a cow, sheep and goat milk cheese)
As well as staple cheeses such as:
- Fresh mozzarella
- Ricotta
- Parmigiano. (the only foreigner)
All from our good friend Anne, at Saxelby Cheesemongers! These are priced per item and paid for upon delivery, there is no initial sign-up cost.
If you are a new client please click here to fill out our enrollment form. We will then email you a pdf of the Spring contract for you to sign and return with your enrollment fee plus the cost of the first week's delivery ($350 +)
The new sign-up deadline is June 1st!!
Sweet Deliverance Thanks you from the bottom of our pea pickin' hearts!


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