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our favorite pixies of all the citrus-sylvia

Posted: June 8 2010

Lisa Brenneis and Jim Churchill from Churchill Orchard will be bringing Ojai Pixies to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx on Sat. and Sun. June 19-20.
NYBG is kicking off their summer-long Edible Garden Exhibition with a big "Opening Weekend Barbecue" benefit event featuring "displays, demonstrations from food and gardening experts, celebrity appearances" - and a couple of country mice with 500 pounds of their Pixie tangerines.
Jim and Lisa will be offering Ojai Pixies to sample and to purchase, and they'll have just two days to distribute all those Pixies before they leave (no car!), so be sure to catch them there
Your $30. ticket will admit you to the to the NYBG and the Edible Garden special event, including the Tasting Terrace, which is where you will find us (look for Jim hanging around the artisanal pickle makers).
We would love to invite all our friends but this isn't our party, so we can't get you in for free. All proceeds of The Edible Garden benefit the Children's Gardening Program.
New York Botanical Garden "Edible Garden" Event Tickets and Info :
Churchill Orchard: http://tangerineman.com
We're still doing mail order a little while longer...
Pixies on the tree Pixie season started about three weeks late in our end of the Ojai Valley, and so we held on to some fruit because, in a late year, we like summer Pixies best of all.
In Ojai, Pixies will hang on the tree right through the summer. They still taste great at the end of August -- but we like to get them off the trees, so they can get started on next year's crop.
Please visit our brand-new, bare-bones web store to place an order: