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organic studies centre

Posted: July 29 2009

if any of you out there happen to be in the UK, this day course sounds amazing.
Garden Organic Open Day on Managing the future of your soil: the role of green manures
August 5th, 2009
Duchy College Rosewarne with:
Choosing the right type of green manure
Anton Rosenfeld—Garden Organic
New varieties of green manures
Heather MacCalman—IBERS
Green manures and nitrogen supply
Stephen Briggs—Abacus Organic Associates
Novel uses of green manures
Francis Rayns—Garden Organic
Growing mixtures of green manures
Steve Roderick—Duchy College
Green manures—the future environmental and finanical implications
Ulrich Schmutz—Garden Organic
To book contact Tel: 024 7630 8200 Fax 024 7663 9229
E-mail: [email protected]
Please contact Stephen Roderick on 01209 722148 or Lois Philipps on 07740 636455 for details of organic training events. For a full programme of Rural Business School events call 0845 458 7 485 or click here.