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organic rising

Posted: June 3 2014

another new film... Organic Rising.
[vimeo 87896825 w=500 h=281]
Today’s food crisis is the civil rights movement of our time.
As Americans slowly awaken to the shocking realities of our industrial food system, interest and curiosity flourish across the country about what healthy food is and how to access it. With organic food sales projected to rise from $28 billion in 2012 to $264 billion in 2017, Pulitzer Prize and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Anthony Suau presents Organic Rising, an inside look at the obstructions and die hard determination to reclaim our right to healthy food.
Organic Rising is an eye opening journey into the heart of America’s organic food revolution. Seen through the eyes of seasoned pioneers, up-and-coming farmers and high-powered investors the documentary gives voice to their collective vision for a sustainable food system. Through breathtaking imagery and insightful interviews the film both informs and engages questioning consumers as well as aspiring farmers.