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oh heavenly wooliness

Posted: March 19 2012

The  latest from Fibershed!
Woolly Adventures Update
Weaving the rural and urban together.... one fleece at a time.
Take a journey to the northwest regions of our Fibershed this Spring to get up close and personal with your local fiber farms — It's shearing time!
Jean Near's Shear-In April 14th:
Begins at 10am, potluck lunch at noon
A one-day exposure to the time-honored process of sheep shearing. Jean's small and award-winning merino flock is a joy to see. This year's 'hair-cuts' will be provided by Matt Gilbert of Fort Bragg, CA. Call Jean to let her know you're coming: 707 485-8598
Bodega Pastures Felt-Vest Workshop April 14 & 15:
What do you do with all that gorgeous sheared wool?
Oakland-based artisan Katherine Jolda will be teaching the first ever Parent & Child Weekend Campout Felting Workshop, in one of Northern California's quintessential small ranching communities. Bodega Pastures is a 1200-acre ranch in the hills surrounding Salmon Creek, just outside the town of Bodega. For more information and to register, click here.
Farm Alley Camps for Kids — Summer 2012:
Sheep and Goats, Food & Fiber!
On the Slopes of Mt. Barnaby in West Marin,children ages 7-11 will spend their days in the shade of the 40 year walnut orchard as they learn how to process fiber from Seed-to-Skin. New treats for this year's camp include milking goats, a week of natural building, and the farm is planting the first ever "Dye Wall" a 100-foot long meandering wall of botanic color, enhanced by a new outdoor dye facility! Email [email protected] with any questions, or visit the Farm Alley website: www.farmalley.com
Windrush Farm Summer Camp- Summer 2012
On the Marin and Petaluma border at Windrush Farm, children will learn about ranch animals and how to take care of them. They will meet chickens, goats, sheep, cows, llamas, and our favorite dogs. They collect eggs from the chickens and work in the vegetable gardens, learning where their food comes from besides the grocery store. For more info go to Windrush Farm's Blog
Want more in-person info on the latest with the Fibershed Project?
March 24th
Environmental Forum of Marin Panel
March 28th 7-9pm
Fairfax Library
April 12th
Berkeley's Ecology Center
May 24th
Sustainable Silicon Valley Panel

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