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ny: introduction to draft animal power

Posted: August 8 2014
Sept 20-21
Northland Sheep Dairy, Marathon, NY

Come participate in a hands-on experience with one of the region's most wonderful draft animal gurus. Donn Hewes is an experienced teamster and a passionate educator, and loves teaching others how to think like a horse. This is your chance to learn the basics of working with draft horses and mules. Our trainees absolutely LOVE this class!

Sliding Scale Registration $125 to $290 for two days
To register send email to[email protected]

"The draft horse workshop at Northland was INCREDIBLE. Literally one of the coolest things I've ever participated in EVER. Donn is a Master and is so generous with his time and knowledge. Groundswell is opening so many awesome doors....."       Groundswell Trainee, 2011

To learn more about this event, visit Groundswell's website. 

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