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northern michigan land opportunity

Posted: February 6 2012

This comes to us by way of Ben Brown, a farmer who reports a positive personal experience with this land conservancy.  A wonderful opportunity for a history-loving greenhorn!  Download the full description of the opportunity HERE
The Leelanau Conservancy owns and manages part of the DeYoung Natural Area as a working farm. Located roughly 5 miles north of Traverse City in Elmwood Township along Cherrybend Road, the farm has been in our ownership since 2005.
The Conservancy has multiple goals in protecting the DeYoung Farm. Among these goals are:
1. Protection of natural features and restoration of native ecosystems, including the stream corridor;
2. Provide public access for passive recreation on the property;
3. Restoring agricultural use to specific portions of the historic DeYoung Farm; and
4. Supporting educational uses of the property and buildings.
In achieving the third goal, the Conservancy recognizes that use by a committed farmer or non-profit is the best way to restore the historic farm to its former productivity.


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