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north carolina apprenticeship

Posted: May 1 2013

Farm in the Beautiful Mountains of North Carolina!
We have a position open for farm work for trade of room and board.  We have a small farm 30 minutes outside of Asheville and we raise sheep for lamb and wool (40 head flock), have a small flock of Heritage poultry and fowl and grow small-scale vegetables and fruit.  We have a cute little camper to live in with electricity, running water, heat and a separate bathroom.  We are asking for 35 hours a week of work in exchange for room, board (fresh food from the farm! and staples) and an education in organic farming.  Learn about intensive rotational grazing with sheep, poultry and fowl, gardening, food preservation, construction, holistic animal health and breeding.  Please email with questions/interest and references.  No pets; no previous farm experience required; must be able to lift 50 lbs.  Contact: Seth and Sharon at [email protected]

hudson, new york