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Posted: August 9 2012

Upcoming classes:
Primitive Goat Harvest
This week-long workshop is the uncompromising embodiment of responsibility.  As we take life from two goats, we confidently assume the task before us: to use every ounce.  Kfir of Two Wolves will walk us through how our ancestors, who could not indulge in the luxury of waste, brain-tanned hides and harvested everything that could not be made into food.  For the rest, Farmstead Meatsmith will transform blood into sausage, and digestive tracts into hearty meals to keep us going.  We are rapidly approaching the class: August 28th-September 1st.
Click here to purchase your spot; call 206.463.MEAT(6328) with questions
Camano Island Pig Harvest Class
On September 8th, we will slaughter, scald, scrape and eviscerate two pigs.  Our emphasis will be the total harvest, from catching the blood to cleaning the intestines for casings.  This is hands-on.  Class attendance is capped at two, so expect this one to fill up quickly.

The next day, the 9th, we will artfully break down the carcasses using antique cleavers and sharp knives.  This butchery class is limited to four students, and working with four sides, we will optimize hands-on education.
Both classes will start early and run all day.
Call us to reserve a spot or buy your tickets HERE.
Whidbey Island Pig Harvest Classes
We will take three days of classes to properly transform two pigs into winter stores: October 18th, 19th and 20th.
Thursday 18th: Hands-on class imparting traditional slaughter, scalding, scraping and eviscerating methods.
Friday 19th: You butcher two pigs with antique (aka truly functional) cutlery to maximize harvest and eliminate waste.
Saturday 20th: We will focus on American cures - bacon and ham.  Learn to cure with salt rubs and brines without adding nitrates.

To sign-up, call us at 206.463.MEAT(6328)
Or, purchase your tickets HERE

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