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Posted: January 2 2012

A work in progress:  Food Patriots
Food Patriots is a film and public engagement campaign with a goal to start a conversation about food that inspires audiences to make a 10% change in the way they buy, eat and talk about food.
After Super Size Me and Food Inc. many Americans are beginning to take their first steps already. That means 10% more fresh veggies, 10% more local food, 10% more organics. Food Patriots will show how our buying power, our growing power, our community power challenges an industrialized food system to respond to people’s demand for healthier food and to know from where it comes.
It’s not rude to ask about food!

  • Public presentations with inspiring Food Patriot stories and illustrative film clips, DURING film production and AFTER with feature film presentation
  • Events, screenings, and Food Patriot stories amplified through the media
  • Website with forwardable content –  member stories, news digest, and user generated stories to engage the uninitiated
  • Food Patriots membership drive — commit to making your 10% change spread through schools, workplaces, churches and non-profits


  • Leverage local stories to inspire personal change and  awareness
  • Build Food Patriot member database and media coverage to leverage food supply and policy change
  • Create an easy point of entry to the food conversation for the uninitiated
  • Engage partners and stakeholders for collective actions
  • Promote economics that favor ‘good food’ businesses


  • Join Food Patriots Today! Your membership helps fund the film and advocacy campaign. You get cool ‘Food Patriots’ branded stuff, plus soon-to-come discounts on ‘good food’ items at stores and restaurants
  • Host a fundraiser with Food Patriots in-progress film clips
  • Become a name sponsor of the film and outreach campaign

Contact us to learn more.

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