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New Documentary Release from Indie Lens Storycast: The Seed Saver

Posted: August 29 2019

ITVS’s Indie Lens Storycast releases the new short documentary The Seed Saver by director John Picklap. The Seed Saver explores a young Korean-American farmer’s mission to save heritage seeds from her native land. Adopted by an Irish-Catholic family on Long Island as a baby, Kristyn Leach grew up outside of Korean culture. When she moved to California, she started growing food from East Asia, and it helped her connect to her Korean identity for the first time. We follow Leach through a growing season as she battles the natural environment to protect her rare soybeans that were given to her in Korea. Along the way, we meet the community of people Kristyn works with and what inspired her to devote her life to this work.

“To give someone a seed requires a little bit of trust. It’s so personal and you care so much about it where you just want to make sure you do a good job,” said Leach in the film.

The Seed Saver will be released as part of a series of three standout, standalone short documentaries about women. Jewel’s Hunt explores a Native Alaskan girl balancing an age-old tradition with modern life, and The Last Trap Family follows a Rhode Island “fishermom” keeping the family business afloat. 

Link to share the film: https://youtu.be/xoxMHVcbvSw

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