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musings from a garlic-growing greenhorn

Posted: October 9 2009

Dear Greenhorns,2776019265_6ed7a39bae
Sarajane here, writing from Keith's Farm in Port Jervis NY. There is much to say and do, tell and ask. For now, though I want to let you know about some NPR news I heard recently. (Strangely, working on this garlic farm has allowed me to clock WAY more NPR time than I have in the last years of my life...luckily we also get WFMU here as well...)
Last sunday driving home I was listening to "Weekend All Things Considered." Tom Vilsack was interviewed in a strange way, mostly on farmer's markets. And THEN (for perspective?) they interview Sallie James of the Cato Institute on her thoughts on farmers markets and eating local and government goings-on. She doesn't think farmers markets are suited to serve poor people. How to do it then? the interviewer asks. WAL-MART, she says. Too bad activists are so big on keeping Walmart out of the neighborhoods that "most need them." Yikes! I highly recommend a listen and maybe a comment on npr's website. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=113485037&ps=rs
keep up the good work.
your website has been great sustenance for me this summer season. thank you thank you!
more soon,

ps: michael pollan on talk of the nation yesterday (oct 9) along with the farmer and author of "the omnivore's delusion," which was a kind of rebuttal to the OD that I first read about on your website. he is his smart self.


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