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morgan o'kane: hudson river sailing tour

Posted: May 2 2016

Morgan will be sailing up the Hudson on this tour. More details will be posted on the website as available. One of the shows is on a raft/stage in the Hudson river in Kingston, NY!
May 3rd @St Mazie, Brooklyn NY with Phillip Roebuck 9:30 pm - 345 Grand Street
May 5th @ Bowery Ballroom with The Bogmen 8:00 pm - 6 Delancey St. NYC
May 14th @ The North Brooklyn Boat club (under the Polanski bridge) first show of the Hudson River sailboat tour!
May 17th @ St. Mazie, Brooklyn, NY with Joseph Huber 9:30
May 24th @ Quinn's,  Beacon, NY
May 27th @ Halfmoon,  Hudson, NY
May 28th ON the river in Kingston, NY