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More Updates from Terra Madre!

Posted: November 6 2008

Unexpectadly, and with the trumpet- force of simultaneous ambitions finally aligned -- the young farmers of Terra Madre made a resolve.
We met informally, at a place and location spread thru the underground grapevine of emphatic whispers.
We arrived to the room in a parade of bewildered delight, to find such a crowd already gathered- speaking without microphones, scripts or programatic mandate. Speaking carefully, thoughtfully in turn-we shared stories of finding land, knitting together apprenticeship-sequences, negociating the details of business plans and conservation strategies.
It was a great beginning to an ongoing discussion between and amongst young farmers. Campesino-a-campesino meets craigslist, as the next generation creates its own networks, generates dynamic partnerships and moves forward the agenda of sustainability with a simple impuse: TO FARM!